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Be a clever parent

Make better use of your child's time with a smartphone or tablet. With Bee Clever App! you can use a smartphone in your children’s hands for their education. Teach your child to be patient, reduce impulsive behaviours, and promote helping others. Download a unique application created by a team of scientists and therapists. There are 33 exciting levels in the full version game and 3 levels in the free version game.

„The average amount of time spent with mobile devices each day has tripled (again), going from 5 minutes a day in 2011 to 15 minutes a day in 2013 to 48 minutes a day in 2017”.

„Parents gave children devices when doing house chores (70%), to keep them calm (65%), and at bedtime (29%). At age 2, most children used a device daily and spent comparable screen”

„Parent control – parents are not constantly monitoring their children while they are playing tablet / phone games. 45% of parents declare they only sometimes monitor what the child is doing“.

Bee Clever

Be a clever parent

We are parents ourselves. We too have urgent duties, and the need to occupy our children with some interesting activity. This is not always easy, therefore we give you a good and safe solution – Bee Clever.
We were searching for a game which rewards patience, and altruistic behaviours, and not just speedy reactions, and dexterity. We were not satisfied with what we could get, therefore we created our own solution – in cooperation with psychologists, and therapists.  
We recommend using Bee Clever game instead of fast paced arcade games, or watching videos. Time spent with the phone/tablet can be used to develop patience and altruism instead of just making the child more agitated.

What will you gain by using Bee Clever ?

  • The main goal of Bee clever App is not only to entertain, but to develop valuable skills and attitudes in children. The game is designed to teach patience, reduce impulsive behaviours, and promote helping others. To win the game your child will need to wait for a good moment for action, and not act impulsively without reflection. This is exact opposite of many games which reward speed, impulsiveness and often also lack of empathy.

  • No ads - pay once and do not worry about what in-game button your child will press. Such desigm of Bee Clever is possible because the application is paid. We are not using any in game payments, or trying to convince you or your child to pay more to unlock any features.

  • Using Bee Clever app your child is safe. Bee Clever privacy policy is clear. We do not use your device id (or any other information) for advertising. We do not collect user’s name, location or phone number. 

Who created this game?

Bee Clever was designed by a team of psychologists, pedagogues, and programmers with experience in creating therapeutic apps. People behind this game created i.a.:

  • Educational application, funded by Foundation for the Polish Science. The app was used by hundreds of students and teachers in Poland, Czech Republic and Norway

  • Several years of experience in research on Virtual Reality use in pain treatment. Created solutions were used during research in several hospitals in Poland. They were also discussed by many Polish media platforms.

  • Research tools used by scientists working at universities in Poland, and Norway

Bee Clever is much simpler than abovementioned projects, but it’s development would not be possible without the experience gained by our team while working on them.
Bee Clever is our first app published on Google Play. We are already working on subsequent games, which will also rely on psychological and pedagogical knowledge.

Bee Clever App Privacy Policy

1. Bee Clever privacy policy is clear.

2. We do not collect user’s name, location or phone number.

3. We collect your device id. We need this information to know how many users use any given feature. For example, we may see if certain levels, or obstacles are too difficult. This helps us remove confusing solutions and make this game friendlier.

4. We have built this game using Unity |

5. We are also using Unity Analytics, with “Child App” option switched on, to make sure your data is protected and in compliance with COPPA |

6. We do not use your device id (or any other information) for advertising. This game does not contain any ads.


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